Example of a Typical Divorce Enquiry We Receive

Here is an example of a typical enquiry we get, with obviously all detail removed to reserve strict confidentiality.

My husband is now saying he will hand over this mortgaged property to me and that will be my final settlement. No on going money for the rest of my life.

My question is how much would you charge me for some advice?

At the moment he’s taken some advice himself and what’s to get this over with as quickly as possible. Me having complete ownership of this place is good but I need money to live as I do not want to have to sell at this stage as this property is going up and up . Selling it now would be too disruptive for me. I have a very big operation coming up.

Hylton- Potts can help with problems like this and other family problems. We operate from London offices but help clients all over the country at highly competitive fixed fees.

There is a office hours free confidential hotline 020 3781 8111 and a 24-hour free confidential email legal help service law@rhp.net

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