Tax Credits

Here is an example of a typical enquiry we get, with obviously all detail removed to reserve strict confidentiality.

Basically I have been accused of obtaining working tax and child tax credits while living with an undeclared partner.

I was asked why my utility bills at my address of XXXX are still in my former partners name , I then asked if this was illegal as I was the person that paid them I just never bothered changing them to my name when we separated .

My ex partner John resides at my parents address of XXX and has done since late 2011 although some of his correspondence is still sent to our joint mortgage address .

I was asked how I was able to afford the bills at this address being a single parent and I replied that it was a struggle .

I have a mortgage on a flat in which I have 2 tenants living in , they pay £XX per month on the property £240 of which goes to the mortgage and £80.00 approx per quarter to the common charges and buildings insurance . I did not declare this to HMRC as most of the money from the tenants goes back into the flat . I was told that this was the wrong thing to do , I am hoping that HMRC will allow me to pay back any monies owed due to this as I did not deliberately set out to claim money I was not entitled to .

The meeting ended with the benefit fraud officers threatening me with prosecution and I said I hoped it could be avoided .

I was later on informed by my father that the fraud officers had come to his address asking questions about , in which case my father confirmed that he resided at the address of XXXX and had done so for the past few years .

Hylton- Potts can help with problems like this and other Tax Credit problems. We operate from London offices but help clients all over the country at highly competitive fixed fees.

There is a office hours free confidential hotline 020 3781 8111 and a 24-hour free confidential email legal help service

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