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What is Parental Alienation?

If you believe that your ex-partner may be the cause of an increasingly difficult relationship between you and your child, our team of Parental Alienation advisers can help. But what is meant by Parental Alienation and how can you be sure that have the legal grounds to take action? We will explain everything. The important thing is not to ignore your instincts – if your relationship with your child has deteriorated, you could be a victim of Parental Alienation.

Common types of Parent Alienation:

  • Your ex-partner limits your contact with your child.
  • Your ex-partner forbids your child to speak about you.
  • Your ex-partner badmouths, belittles, or criticizes you to your child.
  • Your ex-partner reacts to your child’s rejection of you with positivity.
  • Your ex-partner creates the impression that you do not love your child.

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Parental Alienation – The Serious Crime Act 2015

Where a family unit is split up due to the breakdown in a relationship between the mother and father, both parents may still wish to maintain a healthy relationship with their child or children. In this case, it is important for parents to remember that although their marriage or relationship has come to an end, their ex-partner’s relationship with the child or children may continue.

Unfortunately, children are often used as emotional pawns in the typical one-upmanship behaviour that ex-partners often exhibit towards one another. This is most often played out by one parent encouraging the child to believe that their lifestyle and surroundings are superior to that of the conditions being offered at their ex-partner’s new home.

This puts the child in the middle and unfairly encourages the child to ‘choose a team’. We are experts in isolating and dealing with controlling or coercive behaviour. The Serious Crime Act 2015 legislates in favour of parents experiencing Parental Alienation. We will use this law to help you to secure the outcome that is right for you and your child.

Hylton-Potts – Our Promise

We understand that your case of Parental Alienation is unique. Whatever your circumstances, we will take the time to listen carefully to you. We strongly believe in developing open and lasting relationships with our clients because that is the most direct route to a successful outcome. That is why we only speak plain English and it is why we treat each of our clients as individuals with specific needs. We promise to be there for you, whatever it takes.

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*It doesn’t matter how you tell us about your experience with Parental Alienation, the important thing is to tell us. Get the support you and your child need today. We’re here to help.

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Fighting against Parental Alienation is a noble cause. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the pursuit of justice. We don’t want the fees associated with legal help to be the one thing that prevents you from making contact with our expert advisers. That is why we offer guaranteed fixed fees, not terrifying solicitor’s hourly rates.

As this fee includes VAT, the price you see is the price you pay. This includes the drafting, completing and filing of all necessary paperwork. But that isn’t all. Where your case progresses to court for whatever reason, we will advise you on the next steps.

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  • We pride ourselves on providing a better and cheaper alternative to a solicitor. We fight very hard to maintain our outstanding reputation. We passionately believe that children should not be denied access to a willing parent who is capable of providing a safe and loving environment. We fight very hard for all our clients, but never more than someone in your situation.

We offer a fast and efficient service, and we always give excellent value for money. All phone calls, emails, and letters are dealt with the same day.

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